Teen Actors

Grades 8th thru 12th

The Coterie's Teenage Actors classes allow young actors to continue their growth and exploration as actors by taking more in-depth classes that introduce them to the various techniques of acting. 

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Improv Skills

This fun (and hilarious) Coterie class steps up your comedy game as students explore the wide-open world of improv! Scenes are all created on the spot, making each class a new experience. Actors new to improv will learn the framework needed for successful comedy and returning students will sharpen their comedic skills as they work together to learn about timing, physical reactions, creating character, and dramatic action—which every actor needs. Whether you want to be the funniest person in the room or be a better actor, improv is the class for you.

This class offers an opportunity for consideration in The Coterie’s Comedy Master class.

Grades: ​8th-12th

​Locations: Lee's SummitNorthlandOverland Park, Midtown

Sessions: Winter


Audition Lab

Audition Lab is a great way to prepare for upcoming auditions! With the help of a professional teaching artist, students will choose audition monologues that match their age, personality, and individual audition needs. Students will prepare a monologue, develop successful strategies for cold readings, and learn how to create a professional resume. The final class includes a special audition with Jeff Church, Coterie Producing Artistic Director, or a member of The Coterie staff, for youth roles in the upcoming Coterie season.

This class offers an opportunity for consideration in The Coterie’s Acting Master class.

Grades: 8th-12th

​​Locations: Lee's Summit, NorthlandOverland Park, Midtown