Becoming Martin

September 18, 2018
October 21, 2018


A Coterie World Premiere by Kevin Willmott

Directed by Chip Miller
Produced in community partnership with
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Kansas City and The Black Archives of Mid-America


This world premiere centers on the mentorship Martin Luther King, Jr., receives when he enters Morehouse College at age 15. Through debate over civil disobedience concepts, Morehouse College President, Dr. Benjamin Mays, sets young MLK on a path towards fighting for civil rights.

This play is a Coterie commissioned work by noted filmmaker, screenwriter, director, and playwright, Kevin Willmott, who currently serves as a professor of film studies at Kansas University and is hailed as one of the most prolific independent filmmakers today, with films such as Ninth StreetC.S.A.: The Confederate States of America, and Chi-Raq, for which he was executive producer and co-writer with Spike Lee.

A post-performance Question and Answer session will follow each performance.

In conjunction with the world premiere of Becoming Martin, The Coterie will offer In-School Workshops that will introduce students to the events in the play and help put the story into historical context. For information and reservations visit


Length:  75 minutes


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