We Shall Not Be Moved

September 19, 2017
October 22, 2017
Civil Rights Student Action

We Shall Not Be Moved:
The Student Sit-Ins of 1960

By Ed Simpson
Directed by Jeff Church

By taking a seat at a whites-only lunch counter, a group of four freshmen from A&T College in North Carolina launched a youth-led movement for African Americans to receive equal service by challenging racial injustice. This non-violent demonstration in Greensboro gained such momentum that it quickly inspired a new generation to stand up for their Civil Rights. This is the story of ordinary citizens who stand witness to a movement forming before their eyes, and the multiple perspectives they have.

Featuring: Darrington Clark, Matthew Williamson, Deanna Mazdra, Alisa Lynn, Antonia Washington, Evan Lovelace, Khrystal Coppage, Robert Coppage III, Daniel Eugene Parman, Granvile O'Neal, Roan Ricker, and Tommy Waller

After each performance of We Shall Not Be Moved, audiences will remain in 1960 with the characters, to delve into the complexity of viewpoints offered.

Length:  75 minutes


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