Electric Poe (On Demand)

Special performance in Union Cemetery


co-produced event with Union Cemetery Historical Society


By Edgar Allan Poe
Music by Rex Hobart

A special event performed at one of Kansas City’s hidden gems!

Readings of two moody masterpieces by Edgar Allan Poe are brought to life (and death!) by Coterie actor/teaching artist R.H. Wilhoit and Rex Hobart on electric guitar. In The Premature Burial, a speaker delivers an antique TED Talk about his mortal fear, when it appears to manifest right before our eyes. Then, in The Masque of the Red Death, Prince Prospero walls himself and his courtiers away from the outside world where the contagious Red Death reigns…


 Length: Approx. 45 Minutes
 followed by a Q&A about Union Cemetery history [



“creative… gripping direction… Wilhoit commands attention throughout…
The Masque of the Red Death was always going to seem newly resonant during a pandemic,
and The Coterie’s production is genuinely creepy (Hobart’s leering guitar chords are a major part of the chill)”

“haunting… Wilhoit, in the style of an 1850’s orator, is magnificent bringing to life
two masterpieces by the wizard of the macabre… an outstanding performance”

“an electrifyingly spooky-good show… truly a brilliant and ingenious idea… Wilhoit and Hobart captivate…”