And Justice for Some: The Freedom Trial of Anthony Burns [1858]

January 26, 2016
February 21, 2016
If laws fail to seem just, how do we we create an ethical system?

By Wendy Lement and Bethany Dunakin
Directed by Jeff Church
A co-production with UMKC Theatre

See a true story with an interactive twist. Anthony Burns escaped slavery. Despite a fierce defense at trial, he was returned to his Southern Master. You participate as the 1858 Massachusetts State Senate and decide if the judge had other options. Should human rights outweigh the law? This powerful case helped create the party that propelled Lincoln to the White House.



Approximate running time: 70 minutes


Educators: Included in the price of the ticket, each paid group of 20 or more may receive a pre-show workshop at their school to put history in context and to prepare each student to be a senator in the time period.

Curriculum extensions: Analyze historical events and their impact on present-day society; evaluate character’s point-of-view, reasoning, and use of evidence and rhetoric. Find resources at:
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