Rise Up

September 17, 2019
October 20, 2019
How can we use the past to shape the future?

Rise Up
The Struggle of the Freedom Riders

by Lisa Evans
Directed by Jeff Church

Told from a modern-day perspective of four students in 2019 who make a class project about 1961's Freedom Riders - citizens riding buses across Alabama and Mississippi in 1961, to stand up against segregation.
The tide was turning – though many states in the South disagreed. It would soon be illegal to segregate black Americans on public buses, in waiting rooms, or in restaurants. And yet, in the early 1960s, some cities and towns in America kept actively discriminating. It was time to draw attention to illegal discrimination, and face terrifying violence with civil resistance. This is a story of everyday people becoming a movement, taking on the establishment and changing the world. What does it mean for people to come together and rise up? And how can the past inspire us to shape the future?


Length:  70 minutes


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Original production designs and illustrations by the Kansas City Art Institute Illustration Department's student staffed agency, MICRO: Rise Up by Michelle Julmisse.

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