To Whom It May Inspire [in poetry, stories & song]

March 3, 2015
March 7, 2015
How do we navigate the paths to our dreams?

Uplifting and enlightening fuel for hearts and minds.

The Coterie brings the inspirational words of historical and contemporary authors, icons, poets, soldiers, actors - even kids themselves - together in this premiere created and directed by Coterie Artistic Director Jeff Church. Masterfully shaped speeches, diaries, accounts, poems, songs, and more cover everything from career advice to rousing words of powerful persuasion from past and present.


Approximate running time: 60 minutes


To Whom It May Inspire includes:

- Our Story in Two Minutes, by 19 year old film student Joe Bush
- Maya Angelou as interviewed by Dave Chappelle

- Emma Watson and Anne Frank on gender equality
- Malcolm X abandons a philosophy of violence and separation
- Civil War soldiers of opposing sides break bread
I Rise to Inspire the World, a poem by 16 year-old Sophia Thakur