Emma Lipscomb

Emma Lipscomb is a teaching artist, improviser, writer, and drama therapist. Originally from Georgia, Emma received her B.A. in Theatre and Performance Studies from Kennesaw State University and is working to complete her M.A. in Drama Therapy at Kansas State University. She has improvised for a number of years, both as an ensemble member of SOHIP (Springer Opera House Improv Players) and KISS (Kennesaw Improv Society, Stupid!), as well as working as a middle and high school improv teacher for the Springer Theatre Academy. Emma’s greatest passion is helping others to develop life skills through stage skills, using the creativity, spontaneity, empathy, and artistic expression of theatre to help people make positive choices in their lives. This passion drives her work as both a drama therapist and a teacher, and she is a strong believer that helping students become great theatre artists can provide the foundation to help them become great people.