The Coterie Philosophy

The Coterie Theatre School strives to introduce students, kindergarten through high school, to the joy and excitement of theatre. Our focus on actor’s tools (body, voice, and imagination) allows students and teaching artists to work together on the process of acting, pushing each student to achieve personal goals. Participants in all of our classes build self-esteem and confidence as they refine their creativity, active listening, and concentration skills. Students will be challenged to grow as actors and creative thinkers while learning valuable tools of collaboration and imagination, tools that will remain valuable throughout their lives.

We offer creative drama and acting classes focused on process rather than production. The process-based model of theatre education is more challenging and creates longer lasting results. Students achieve a higher level of creativity and greater understanding of the artistry of theatre when they are fully immersed in the work instead of learning rote actions. However, we do understand that theatre is a performing art, so most classes culminate in a “sharing” on the final day to demonstrate skills to parents, family, and friends.  School-year classes meet once a week for six-week terms. During the summer months, The Coterie offers week-long exploration classes as well as several performance camps at various locations. With small class sizes, students and teachers can work together to get the best experience, allowing all students to participate and learn.

Early Childhood Actors

Classes for The Coterie’s Early Childhood Actors explore stories through theatre, music, movement, and visual arts, led by specially-trained teaching artists.

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Early childhood classes are held only during the school year only.

Elementary Actors

Classes for The Coterie’s Elementary Actors explore the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, imagination) through structured activities lead by seasoned teaching artists.

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Preteen Actors

Classes for The Coterie’s Preteen Actors are built upon the natural imagination young actors have and introduce the fundamentals of acting, creating a base for future in-depth classes.

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Teen Actors

Classes for The Coterie’s Teenage Actors allow young actors to continue their growth and exploration as actors by taking more in-depth classes that introduce them to the various techniques of acting. 

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Master Class

The Coterie’s Master classes are by invitation-only. Students can be nominated to audition by their teachers from other Coterie Theatre School classes for either Acting Master or Comedy Master, or both. Once invited to be a Master Class member, students can continue to register until they graduate from high school, as long as they remain in good standing.

Master Class is a place for students to experience ongoing advanced theatre training. Students are surrounded by other young people and professionals who are passionate about theatre, and are excited about working together as an ensemble. Material for Master Class is more advanced and the content is more mature than what students might experience in their school theatre programs. Master Class members are often considered for Coterie mainstage productions and can be recommended to other professional theatres for casting opportunities.

Acting Master and Comedy Master are two separate programs with separate audition processes. The invitation a student receives is based on classes they have taken and skills they have demonstrated. If you are currently enrolled in one Master Class and are interested in pursuing both, talk to Allison about what skills to work on and classes to take.

Master Class students possess a passion for the craft, self-discipline, talent, commitment, and a desire to work as an ensemble.

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Production Photo of Cast from 2022 Akeelah and the Bee

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