Inclement Weather Policies

When do you cancel shows due to weather?

The Coterie will only cancel a performance due to inclement weather under two circumstances:

  • For a school-day performance, we will cancel only if ALL the schools scheduled to attend have cancelled in-person classes for the day.
  • For performances not on school days, we will cancel ONLY if Crown Center closes, which is exceedingly rare.

How will I know if you cancel a performance?

  • As soon as the Box Office is notified of a cancelled performance, all ticket holders will be e-mailed, and our voicemail will be updated.
  • In the event of a last-minute closure, the Box Office will attempt to contact patrons by phone as well.
  • The e-mail will contain directions on how and when the Box Office will contact ticket holders about their orders.

What are my options for a cancelled performance?

If you are an individual or family:

  • Per your ticketing agreement, there are no refunds.
  • The Box Office will contact you with these options:
    • Re-schedule your tickets to another performance of the same show.
    • Re-schedule your tickets to a performance of another show in our season, at no additional cost.
    • Transfer the value of the original sale to your account which may be used towards another performance, classes, or anything else The Coterie has to offer.


If you are a school or group with a scheduled field trip:

  • If remaining performances of the current show have availability, you may re-schedule your field trip for later in the run.  
  • The funds from your field trip order may be put on account to be used towards a field trip, either later in this season or for next school year.
  • If re-scheduling is not permissible for your school, Box Office staff will need verification from your building administration before offering refunds.

What if a show isn't cancelled, but I cannot attend due to the weather?

  • Per your ticketing agreement, there are no refunds.
  • You may call the Box Office to re-schedule your tickets for another performance at no charge.
  • If you are a school, you have the same options as for cancelled performances.