Reaching the Write Minds

REACHING THE WRITE MINDS is a playwriting workshop available throughout the school year to high schools and middle schools.

The workshop can be conducted in-person in your school or at another site (often the Westport CoffeeHouse is available at no additional charge).

To give a voice to emerging young writers, The Coterie offers a playwriting seminar where students will learn to:

  • devise dialogue, action, and learn scriptwriting format
  • build characters
  • write two monologues
  • create settings
  • begin creation of a scene

Upon completion of this seminar with a Coterie professional playwright/facilitator, promising participants, 8th grade and older, may be nominated and interviewed to develop their plays in The Coterie’s Young Playwrights’ Roundtable.

targeted to

A playwriting workshop lead by a trained professional teaching artist

Cost/How to book Reaching the Write Minds for grades 7-12:

  • $300 for three 50-minute sessions per classroom sized group
    (Note: single day 5 hr. workshop version is also available)
  • 10% discount for 4 or more classrooms
  • A mileage fee may be charged for Coterie staff to travel outside the Kansas City metro area

A teacher is required to be present throughout the seminar.

Students will need a device to use an image search engine (such as Google), along with a pencil and paper or a laptop. 

For information & booking:
Stephanie Laaker


Once a year, I get to take kids to a workshop provided by The Coterie Theatre called Reaching the Write Minds. It is a peek into the future. Throughout my time as a teacher this has been a constant place of hopefulness.  Every facilitator I have seen run this workshop is phenomenal.  Making space for students to work through their ideas is everything… There are no tests her. There are not wrong answers in this work… This is where better humans come from. This is critical thinking.  This is creativity.  This is education.”
                                                                                                 — Arrownhead Middle School Teacher

“Now when I write, I think a lot more about detail… I’m more confident in my writing.”                                                                                                 — Trailridge Student

“[I’d] never heard of this program and I thought it was good to get my advanced theatre kids out of school and learn something they did not know how to do… [Reaching the Write Minds] not only did that, but it was fun! ALL of my kids not only said they enjoyed it, but they loved it… great instructor… patient and kind and knew how to deal with them! They wanted to share everything…!”
– Timothy Haynes, Grandview High