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Young Playwrights Roundtable, our teen writer’s club (by invitation only)

Young Playwrights Festival, our annual festival featuring selected short plays by Roundtable members using professional actors.



Elementary Actors | K through 4th

The Coterie’s Elementary Actors explore the actor’s toolbox (body, voice, imagination) through structured activities lead by seasoned teaching artists.

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Preteen Actors | Grades 5 through 7

The Coterie’s Preteen Actors are classes built upon the natural imagination young actors have and introduce the fundamentals of acting, creating a base for future in-depth classes.

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Teen Actors | Grades 8 through 12

The Coterie’s Teenage Actors classes allow young actors to continue their growth and exploration as actors by taking more in-depth classes that introduce them to the various techniques of acting.

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Master Actors | By invitation only

The Coterie’s Master Actors classes are invitation-only. Students can be nominated by their teachers from other Coterie Acts classes for either Acting Master or Comedy Master, or both. Once invited to be a Master Actor, students can continue to register until they graduate from high school, as long as they remain in good standing.

Master Class is a place for students to experience ongoing advanced theatre training.  Students are surrounded by other young people and professionals who are excited about working together as an ensemble.  Material for Master Class is more advanced and the content is more mature than what students might experience in their school theatre programs.  Master Class members are often considered for Coterie mainstage productions and can be recommended to other professional theatres for casting opportunities.

Master Actors possess a passion for the craft, self-discipline, talent, commitment, and a desire to work as an ensemble.

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The Coterie Cares features Project Daylight, a program offered free of charge to Kansas City area 6th and 7th grades supporting mental health and wellness.