Elementary Actors

K thru 4th Grade


Classes for The Coterie's Elementary Actors explore the actor's toolbox (body, voice, imagination) through structured activities lead by seasoned teaching artists.

Unleash your child's imagination!


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There will be virtual options for every class. There will also be one in-person option at Overland Park.

Imaginative Inventors

Calling all Inventors! The world is in need of new inventions! Students will work both together and separately to create, build, and imagine the world’s next revolutionary inventions and act out scenes of what happens when you use your inventions. Bring your imagination and see what we can make.

Incoming Grades: ​K-1st

​​Locations: VirtualOverland Park 

Sessions: Fall

Exploring the Extraordinary

Who says a hat has to be a hat? Why can’t it be a salad bowl, a tiny swimming pool, or even a portal to another dimension? Students will take the ordinary and create extraordinary adventures that explore the beautifully bizarre, seriously strange, and mystically magical world that surrounds us each day. Look beyond your everyday and into the marvelous world of your imagination

Incoming Grades: ​2nd-4th

​​Locations: VirtualOverland Park 

Sessions: Fall

Enchantment, Magic, and Myths

Get your wands, spells, and magic dust ready because we are exploring the world of enchantment. Creating bold, mystic characters we will explore enchanting literature and create our own mythical adventures. Whether you are a wizard casting spells or a mysterious creature, we need you to come along on this magical ride!

Incoming Grades: ​4th-6th

Locations: Virtual, Overland Park 

Sessions: Fall