The Coterie Theatre School

Arts Education

Welcome Young Actors (and Parents)!

I am very excited to introduce you to The Coterie Theatre School, your chance to learn about theatre and acting from local theatre professionals. Whether you want to sharpen your acting skills to be seen onstage, or just want a fun and creative outlet, we have the class for you!  Students in kindergarten through high school will be challenged to stretch their imaginations and flex their acting muscles in age appropriate theatre activities specially developed for each class.

The creativity cultivated in drama classrooms is carried through every aspect of life and into adulthood, building students into great thinkers. We are eager to share our love of theatre and imagination with our students!

- Amanda Kibler Education Director, The Coterie

The Coterie Philosophy

The Coterie Theatre School strives to introduce students, kindergarten through high school, to the joy and excitement of theatre. Our focus on actor's tools (body, voice, and imagination) allows students and teaching artists to work together on the process of acting, pushing each student to achieve personal goals. Participants in all of our classes build self-esteem and confidence as they refine their creativity, active listening, and concentration skills. Students will be challenged to grow as actors and creative thinkers while learning valuable tools of collaboration and imagination, tools that will remain valuable throughout their lives.

We offer creative drama and acting classes focused on process rather than production. The process-based model of theatre education is more challenging and creates longer lasting results. Students achieve a higher level of creativity and greater understanding of the artistry of theatre when they are fully immersed in the work instead of learning rote actions. However, we do understand that theatre is a performing art, so most classes culminate in a “sharing” on the final day to demonstrate skills to parents, family, and friends.  School-year classes meet once a week for six-week terms. During the summer months, The Coterie offers week-long exploration classes as well as several performance camps at various locations. With small class sizes, students and teachers can work together to get the best experience, allowing all students to participate and learn.

From a Student

"I love The Coterie because it's so unique. I've never come across another place where I can so freely explore my craft and find myself."  --Maya Hill

"I have been taking classes at The Coterie since I was nine years old and I'm currently in the Master Class Program. Any young actor who wishes to develop their training in theatre, whether they are a beginner or advanced should take classes at The Coterie. The training that is offered is the best training you will find in Kansas City. I have not only gained incredible training, I have made connections that have helped me professionally. The Coterie is different than any high program and will allow young actors to work with difficult scripts. The teachers truly care about their students and their success, that is my favorite part about Coterie classes."  --Andi Fantauzzi

From a Teaching Artist

"There are many things I love about teaching with The Coterie. They have spent years working to understand what is best needed to cultivate young people's imaginations. The classes are about artistic exploration and development of creativity, as opposed to the pressures of product-based education.  These classes aren't just for aspiring actors, it's for everyone learning how to work together, exploring their imaginations, and looking to meet new friends.  I love how I am given the freedom to create my own lesson plans, and bring my own essence and sensibilities to the classroom. Kansas City is fortunate to have such respected and top notch educational opportunities for young people throughout the metro area!"  --Alex Espy

From a Parent

"The theatre experience prepares you to go in so many directions and be a successful, independent, self-motivated person.  It especially teaches you to think on your feet and be able to communicate with people in an open, honest way.  The positive experiences at The Coterie for both of our kids have followed them into other arenas, and I thank you."  --Paula Bullis