Preteen Actors

Grades 5th thru 7th

The Coterie's Preteen Actors are classes built upon the natural imagination young actors have and introduce the fundamentals of acting, creating a base for future in-depth classes.

Unleash your child's potential!


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Audition Lab

Thjis class is a great way to prepare yourself for upcoming auditions! With the help of a professional teaching artist, students will choose audition monologues that match their age, personality, and individual audition needs. Students will prepare a monologue, develop successful strategies for cold readings, and learn how to create a professional resume. The final class includes a special audition with Jeff Church, Coterie Producing Artistic Director, or a member of The Coterie sstaff, for youth roles in the upcoming Coterie season.

​Grades: 5th-7th

​Locations: Lee's SummitNorthlandOverland ParkMidtownLiberty, Plaza 

Sessions: SpringSummer

*This class offers an opportunity for consideration in The Coterie's Acting Master Class.

Summer Term At Hogwarts

Join all your favorite characters from the Harry Potter series as you enter into a magical world filled with wizards, dragons, trolls, and elves. Act out scenes as Harry and his friends go to classes, play Quidditch, and even battle He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. Immerse yourself in this exciting world all week, and come out a full-fledged wizard!

Grades: Incoming 3rd - 5th

​Locations: Lee's SummitNorthlandOverland ParkPlaza

Sessions: Summer


Video Game Takeover

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to spend a day with Zelda or go treasure hunting with Captain Toad? What would happen if Princess Peach had to rescue Mario? As the video games continue to offer exciting and interactive narratives, we’ll create our own stories using popular characters and worlds from our favorite games.

Grades: Incoming 3rd - 5th

​Locations: Lee's Summit, Overland ParkLibertyPlaza

Sessions: Summer


Shake It Up!


What would happen if the Doctor took the Tardis to Tatooine? Or there was an epic battle between pirates and vampires? How about ballerinas and dinosaurs? This class gives you the opportunity to create zany adventures that combine genres, characters and their favorite stories. In this class, students will learn acting skills, improvisation, and devise their own dramatic scenes of silly crossovers.

Grades: Incoming 3rd - 5th

​Locations: Lee's Summit, Overland ParkLibertyNorthland

Sessions: Summer


The Detective Files

Detective stories are always full of intrigue and amazing plot twists. Explore modern and classic scripts such as “Sherlock Holmes” and solve the world’s most difficult cases. Use old detective skills and new as you inhabit a world full of mystery.

Grades: Incoming 5th - 7th

​Locations: Lee's Summit, Overland Park, Northland

Sessions: Summer


Funny Bones: Intro To Improv

Get your funny started as you begin to learn all about comedy and improv! This fun and fast-paced class introduces young actors to the wide-open world of improv comedy. Students will develop skills in spontaneity, listening, creativity, storytelling, and collaboration as they explore their silly side!

Grades: Incoming 5th-7th

​Locations: Lee's Summit, Overland ParkLiberty Plaza

Sessions: Summer


Welcome to Musical Theatre

If you like acting, singing, and dancing, then musical theatre is for you! In this class, you will perform showstoppers from Broadway and The Coterie stage. We’ll learn songs that will bring you around the world and right back home from some of the most popular Broadway shows, such as Annie and Hamilton. Students will spend the week exploring character, learning choreography, and singing as an ensemble under the direction of an expert musical theatre actor and a professional accompanist. Students will perform as a chorus for family and friends during the final class.

Grades: ​Incoming 5th-10th

​Locations: Lee's Summit, Overland Park, Liberty, Plaza

Sessions: Summer


Advanced Musical Theatre

Take your musical theatre skills to the next level by performing duets, solos, and small group numbers from popular musicals. Continue to build on your skills and be challenged in new and exciting ways! Actors will rehearse scenes, songs, and dance numbers under the direction of a professional musical theatre actor and a professional accompanist. Students will perform a variety of numbers for family and friends during the final class.

*We encourage 6th-10th graders to take Welcome to Musical Theatre to establish a strong foundation before taking Advanced Musical Theatre

Grades: ​Incoming 6th-12th

​Locations: Liberty

Sessions: Summer



Journey to Whoville with Horton the elephant, The Cat in the Hat, and more famous characters of Dr. Seuss’s most popular books. In this junior version of the popular musical, Horton must defend the land of Who and help protect an abandoned egg. This performance camp offers young actors a challenge while allowing them to perform famous Dr. Seuss moments.

All students enrolled will have a speaking role—some large and some small. All students will also sing in the chorus and some will have solos. Auditions will be held the first day and the casting will be determined then.

Grades: ​Incoming 5th-10th

​Locations: Lee's Summit

Sessions: Summer

Performance Camp: THE HOBBIT

Adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel, this first journey through Middle Earth follows Bilbo Baggins, a comfortable hobbit who doesn’t like much adventure…until one day when Gandalf the wizard calls Bilbo into action. With the assistance of a band of dwarves, they set off to recover the lost treasure. This show is sure to have fun, over-the-top characters and lots of action!

All students enrolled will have a speaking role—some large and some small. Auditions will be held the first day and the casting will be determined then.

Grades: ​Incoming 5th-10th

​Locations: Liberty

Sessions: Summer